Stennis Space Center (SSC) remains in Stage 4 of the NASA Response Framework for COVID-19

Last night we received confirmation that a third SSC employee tested positive for COVID-19. The employee is in self-quarantine and the company’s management team is working with the Stennis medical director to ensure proper actions are taken.

The Stennis medical office is leading a contact tracing team that is in the process of directly notifying individuals who may have been potentially exposed.  The contact tracing process indicated that the employee briefly visited the NEXCOM mart the morning of Monday, March 16th.  This information is being shared not to convey any elevated risk associated with the NEXCOM mart, but rather to communicate information collected from the contact tracing process to the SSC population for general awareness. All facility managers potentially impacted by this case have been notified and the impacted facilities are being closed until they can be cleaned.

Limited grounds maintenance will restart in the immediate vicinity of mission critical facilities normally serviced by the contractor grounds crew.  This step is taken to minimize health and safety risks from snakes, rodents and other wildlife that could be exacerbated by untended grounds in close proximity to occupied buildings and parking lots.

Mandatory telework continues to be in effect for NASA personnel at Stennis until further notice. Access to Stennis remains limited to personnel supporting activities necessary to protect life and critical infrastructure, as identified by the resident agencies and SSC leadership.

For those personnel reporting to SSC for mission essential work, maximum social distancing efforts and other personal protection measures remain vital to minimizing potential COVID-19 transmission among the workforce.