To the Stennis Family,

The health and safety of every member of our Stennis Space Center family is top priority. This concern is ever heightened with the introduction and spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Please know that we are joining NASA leaders across the country in working together to stay informed and make good, timely decisions to protect all employees and our communities.

Today, we received confirmation of a Stennis employee who has acquired COVID-19. We are working with the appropriate officials at the State Department of Health to actively work the case. The facility in which the person works, building 1103, has been secured from further entry.  In addition, we are closely monitoring the situation and assessing options to restore the facility to a safe working environment.

At this time, Stennis remains at Stage 3 of the Agency’s COVID-19 Response Framework. Onsite activity remains limited to mission-essential work.

NASA personnel remain in a mandatory telework status, except for mission-essential activities that must take place onsite, in an effort to minimize potential transmission within the workplace environment. Non-NASA personnel working on Stennis property should refer to their agency and/or company guidelines and policies for determination of mission-essential activities and access to the site.

We are requesting all organizations in the Stennis community to limit, to the maximum extent practical, the employees that must report on center for mission-essential work. Stay tuned to NASA People and SSC Emergency Management for updates.

I know these uncertain times can cause anxiety, and this is normal and understandable. Please keep in mind that the NASA Employee Assistance Program is available to help. To schedule a confidential session with the Stennis EAP professional, contact Porter Pryor at or 228-688-3005.

Thank you for your continued diligence. Stennis Space Center is an incredible place to work – and each one of you contributes greatly to ensure this site fulfills its mission. I am proud to lead you and anxious that each and every member of the Stennis family remains safe and healthy during this time. I, and every Stennis leader, are committed to doing all we possibly can to reach that goal. Thank you for doing the same.


Rick Gilbrech

Center Director