Stennis is transitioning to Stage 3 of the NASA Framework for Return to On-Site Work, effective May 27, 2020.  This is in line with the state phases and orders of Louisiana and Mississippi, as well as our surrounding counties and parishes, where there is a noted decline in COVID-19-like symptoms, new cases and hospitalizations.

Mandatory telework remains in effect for NASA personnel until further notice with the exception of limited personnel required to maintain the safety and security of the center and to minimize the impact to mission operations. Access to the site in Stage 3 will be limited to those individuals involved in activities identified as mission essential and those NASA and tenant activities approved as mission critical by NASA senior management. Tenant personnel should consult their management for additional details.

Center leadership remains focused on establishing the safest environment possible while transitioning gradually to increase on-site work on the highest priority mission-critical tasks. As we resume more on-site work, know that we are doing so with a risk-based, phased, and methodical approach. The health and safety of the workforce will always be top priority and we will continue with the safety precautions outlined in the Safe-at-Work Protocol.

As we transition to Stage 3, the site cafeteria and many of the concession services in B-1100 (e.g., Subway, PJ’s, Hancock Bank, and Keesler Federal Credit Union) will be open, with food services as take-out only. The dining areas, to include the Atrium, will remain closed.  The Wellness Center will also remain closed.  The Conference Center, Cleaners, NASA Exchange and Barber Shop will not open initially but will be evaluated for re-opening as we transition through Stage 3.

The Medical Clinic will expand their scope of services to include certification physicals and work place injuries. Employees “not feeling well” should not go to the clinic. They should contact their supervisor, go home, and contact their primary care provider.

Expired badges, to include local and paper visitor badges, will be allowed access until June 8, 2020.  Expired badges will need to be renewed at the reception centers.  Personnel should consider staggering arrivals at the reception center to avoid long lines.  The reception centers have implemented protocols to ensure the safety and health of visitors, including physical distancing, face covering requirements, and limitations on visitors permitted inside at one time.

NASA policy, based on CDC guidance, continues to require that international travelers self-isolate for 14 days when coming in to the US.  Therefore any visitor who has traveled to or from (or had a layover in) an international location within the last two weeks will continue to be denied access to SSC until the self-isolation period has been completed.

All visitors reporting to the reception centers for site access will be screened with the following questions:

  • Have you had COVID-19 symptoms, been diagnosed with COVID-19, or have you been in close contact with someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the last 14 days? If the answer is yes, the visitor should be denied access and directed to contact their sponsor.
  • Do you feel unwell with symptoms such as cough, gastrointestinal symptoms, fever or shortness of breath?   If the answer is yes, the visitor should be denied access and directed to contact their sponsor.
  • Have you traveled to and/or from (or had a layover in) an international location within the last two weeks?  If the answer is yes, the visitor will be denied access until they have completed 14 days of self-observation and remained symptom free.

Face coverings should be worn when a person is unable to maintain 6 feet of social distancing.  Mandatory face coverings will be required in the following common areas of B-1100 1st floor south wing and all floors of the central and north wings: entrances, hallways, stairwells and elevators, to include the cafeteria and all NASA exchange concessionaires.  The B-1100 concessionaires will implement a “No mask, no service” policy.  Posted signage will specify these areas requiring mandatory face coverings so please adhere to the signage.  We will have a grace period on mandatory masks through the remainder of this week as we transition but will expect full compliance by Monday, June 1.

The following link is provided for your reference in regards to the benefits of wearing face coverings:

Please stay in close contact with your supervisor and consult NASA People and SSC Emergency Management for the most current guidance on NASA’s response to the coronavirus and the center’s status. Thank you for your continued patience, understanding and support as we work through the challenges of COVID-19 together.