Effective 12:00 Noon Friday August 27, 2021 Stennis Space Center will enter into Hurricane Condition III until further notice. In Hurricane Condition III, SSC is in a heightened state of awareness for potential dangerous weather conditions due to the effects of Tropical Storm Ida over the next 2 to 3 days. All employees should stay weather aware and monitor local weather for any changes in the forecast.

In condition III posture you should:
– Review emergency plans
– Ensure critical personnel/ride-out crew lists are up to date
– Identify potential hazards around work areas that need to be secured in the event of dangerous weather
– Ensure all vital records are secured
– Unplug and protect IT and other vital equipment before leaving site on Friday
– If able, fuel government vehicles

Stennis Space Center (SSC) remains in Stage 2 of the NASA Framework for Return to On-Site Work for COVID-19

Personnel are encouraged to monitor the SSC Site Status App, SSCSOS.com and may dial (228) 688-3777 for further updates.